Hand Crafted • One of a Kind • Heirloom Quality
  • White Madeira - Antique Lace


    Beautiful and unique to the Moravian region, these traditional hand crafted, one of a kind, heirloom hen's eggs are beautiful hanging from blossom branches, pussy willows, or in a pretty bowl or dish for your holiday centerpiece.

    A wonderful gift for Easter, weddings, baby showers, or for the discerning collector.

    These are hand blown, then whitened for purification and strength. Designs start with a pattern sketched on the shell, the holes are then carefully drilled into the shell. Next, the egg is dye-cast, set to dry, then detailed using a pin and hot beeswax. 

    We have shipped all over the world in safely protected, insured packages. Please allow about 7-10 days within the US. We ship within 2 working days with postal tracking number.

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